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Join me at Soul Camp

Join me at Soul Camp

Personal growth is not a mountain to be conquered, but an ongoing journey. Whether you are at your lowest low or highest high, you need to continue to reflect on yourself and work on building a better you.

I’ve come a long way since I hit rock bottom, and through love, forgiveness, determination, and my own inner strength I was able to turn my life around. I built a successful real estate business with just $20 to my name, and I’m now an author and inspirational speaker doing my best to help give something back.

But my journey is not over yet. 

That is why I will be attending Soul Camp a retreat that aims to bring out the power, and optimism of youth that “allowed us to dream bigger, jump higher, sing louder, laugh more.”

Michelle and Ali founded Soul Camp based on the idea of creating a “grown-up version of summer camp… complete with all of their favorite wellness clients & friends.”

Up to 300 campers embark on a spiritual journey designed to help them step out of their “grown-up” lives, and labels by leaving their iPhones, laptops, and worries behind. Activities include dance, cardio, yoga, meditation, essential oils 101, mala-bead making, and more.

Best of all every camp is filled with like-minded people seeking personal growth. Throughout the retreat wellness experts and thought leaders like myself lead inspiring “SoulVersations” as part of the Soul Camp speaker series.

At night campers participate in talent shows, fear burnings, late night discos, live entertainment, and s’mores! I couldn’t be more excited to take part in Soul Camp this year. Will you join me? Take the first step and ACT NOW to get $100 off go to:  https://soul.camp/laura-bielak/bookings