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The Lesson that Changed My Life

The Lesson that Changed My Life

The Personal Growth Centre has taught thousands of people how to release their individual potential energy through integrity, compassionate acceptance and experiential learning. By unleashing their inner strength graduates have been able to live more successful, loving, and happy lives.

Students of all ages and backgrounds from all walks of life use the Personal Growth Centre’s classes to improve their lives.

In 1996 I was one of those students.

Overweight, in debt, and shackled by my own past, I was desperate. I turned to the Personal Growth Centre for a new beginning, and I haven’t looked back.

It didn’t happen overnight but the lessons I learned changed my life forever. Through the power of forgiveness I overcame the consequences of a horrible crime that shattered my childhood. My journey is still far from over. Every day I face new challenges, and rely on the lessons I learned at the Personal Growth Centre.